The new TOEFL test explained in just five minutes. So, I don't have a lot of time, let's get into it right now and talk about the new structure of the test. So, this is what you're going to know by the end of this little lecture. You're gonna know what the TOEFL test measures, the TOEFL test structure changes it's structure, how each section will look on test day, and the differences in the TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition which came out in response to the COVID 19 crisis. Lots of things.

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If you go to, on our homepage you will find a free and complete TOEFL test that is designed like the 2020 version, so you can see an updated version of the test there. About the TOEFL, really quickly. The test is designed to determine whether or not you are prepared to enter an American college classroom. So, all the lectures, all the conversations, everything is designed to see if you're ready for about a freshman year of university courses and lifestyle. And the test structure itself changed on August 1st, 2019. A couple of small changes, nothing too big, but a couple of small things.

The content is the same, the structure a little bit different. About the reading passage, there are less questions. There used to be 12 to 14 questions per passage, but now there are just ten questions per passage. So, it'll look something like this. The reading passage is on the right-hand side, the question is on the left. You'll see a timer counting down the time, but you'll just have ten questions after each passage instead of twelve or thirteen or fourteen. That's about it.

For the listening passage, there are fewer passages, fewer lectures, so there used to be four lectures and two conversations usually. Now there are three lectures and two conversations, so one less lecture.

So, just like the reading, the listening just got a little bit shorter, but the content has remained the same, the structure has remained the same. You'll see an image and there will be a listening passage. You cannot see the questions until after the listening finishes. After the listening finishes, questions come and they come one at a time. You cannot skip questions, you cannot go back to questions, unlike the reading where the reading you can skip questions and can go back to questions. And you'll see a timer on the top as well.

The speaking is where the biggest changes happen. They basically cut two questions. There used to be six questions, now there are four, one independent and three integrated questions. This is an example from ETS's site of what the speaking independent question will look like. It's a simple question, and they'll have a bar with the audio time going. And you'll have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak for the first question, which is about your basic opinion. Question number two is an integrated question, where you will read and listen to a campus conversation, and then you will have to prepare for 30 seconds and speak for 60 seconds. Question 3 is an academic reading and listening passage, you'll have 30 seconds to prepare in 60 seconds to speak after that.

And finally, question four. You listen to an academic passage, 20 seconds to prepare 60 seconds to speak. And that's the speaking section. The writing section hasn't changed at all really in terms of structure. Basically, you have two questions, one independent one integrated question. The independent question will look something like this. You will see on the right-hand side there is space for you to write down or a-type your essay.

Keep in mind there's no spellcheck, so make sure you spell things carefully. And there will be a timer on the top. Question one is the integrated question. You have a reading and listening passage that's something about an academic topic, and then you have 20 minutes to write about it. And you have to write about 250 words, 220 is written here. And question 2, for the independent you have a simple question about your opinion, and you should write, we recommend about 350 words, but TOEFL recommends about 300. And that's the writing section.

So, just a quick summary of the changes. These are the changes 2019-2020 to the test structure. It's about 30 minutes shorter. You receive instant reading and listening scores. So, after you finish the test, you'll see unofficial reading and listening scores. You get your official scores for all the sections six days later, and you'll also get a My Best Test Score that looks something like this. If you've taken the TOEFL before, they will take your highest grades from each section and combine them to make a My Best Test Score. Some schools, some licensing boards accept My Best Test Score, some don't, check to see if they do, but that's a new feature, a My Best Test Score, and you get your regular score as well. And the last thing, I'm running out of time, but in response to the COVID crisis in 2020, the TOEFL introduced, ETS introduced the TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition where you can actually take the test at home.

It looks exactly like the regular TOEFL test. As of recording this, they've extended the offer that the Home Edition will be available, and might end after this. They might extend it, it depends on the pandemic and how things go. Hopefully, things get better, but that's available right now. Also available, our TOEFL Emergency Course, prepare for the test in just five hours. That's it. I hope that was five minutes.

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