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The blockchain is a fascinating technology. The blockchain is a foundation of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. If you want to understand what the blockchain does and how it can be used, you can think of it as an enormous list of transactions. That list is shared across the entire network, and it's updated regularly with new transactions. Each entry in the list includes a timestamp and a link to the previous transaction.

One of the key challenges project managers face is making sure that their projects are delivered on time, within budget and that the end-user is happy. To do this, you need to make sure that requirements are written clearly, are complete and are understood by the team. A good way to do this is to ask the end-user to review the requirements document.

Blog Post: If you are on the technical side of project management, you may not be familiar with how you can contribute to the success of the project. This blog will look into that.

Blockchain Developer Blockchain Jobs NYC

at Amun 21Shares (View all jobs)

New York, New York, United States

Amun is a leading cryptocurrency issuer which aims to make purchasing crypto more accessible, and efficient.

Under its 21Shares brand, Amun is the world's largest issuer of crypto exchange-traded products (ETPs). The 21Shares suite of ETPs has simplified access to crypto for both institutional and retail investors in the traditional finance community. In a similar fashion, Amun aims to provide tokens that will make it easy for the crypto community to access sophisticated strategies that are not otherwise readily available in this space. Amun 21Shares is a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial product developers who are uniquely placed to revolutionize cryptocurrency investing through the issuance of our broad range of tokens. Our goal is to make these tokens present a new paradigm in cryptocurrency investing and to facilitate their use.

Our investment in superior technology and automation has enabled us to both release products, as well as work directly with top organizations including the Bitcoin Cash Foundation, Bitcoin Suisse, Binance, Bitwise, Coinbase, FlowTraders, Sygnum, and the Tezos Foundation as launch partners or customers of Onyx, our full stack issuance platform.

Our Stack:

  • Ethereum, Cardano, Solana
  • Truffle.js, Hardhat, ganache-cli
  • AWS infrastructure

Job Summary:

Develop software solutions using blockchain technologies with a focus on security.

Key Accountabilities and Scope:

  • Interpret project manager requirements and make engineering estimates
  • Write helpful and complete documentation for technical end-users
  • Code review the work of peers to assure quality, security, and performance
  • Identify opportunities to improve existing systems/workflows for performance, speed, and accuracy.

Skills Required:

  • A professional understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and  its Yellow Paper
  • Fluency in Solidity or Vyper and Javascript or Python
  • At least operational knowledge of JavaScript
  • You care about building high-quality well-tested code
  • Experience with web3 related  libraries and API design
  • A high level understanding of common cryptographic and smart contract related vulnerabilities
  • Proficiency with Git
  • Strong debugging skills and/or experience with reverse engineering
  • Great written communication skills.

Ideally in office / hybrid in Zurich or New York, but open to remote [GMT+2 to GMT-5 time zone]

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