Are you looking for fun high paying jobs you can do from home with no experience? We find some fun jobs you can do from home also can do outside of your home. Fun jobs that don't feel like work, fun jobs that make you rich, easy jobs to get that pay well. People spend a lot of time at work and it is not always fun. For many people, working from home is a dream come true. Career coach near me.

If you're someone that has been thinking about what you should do next in your career or something that you want to do because you think it will be more fulfilling than what you were doing before, then working from home may be perfect for you. You don't need any experience to do these jobs and, if it turns out that they aren't for you, then there are plenty of other jobs out there where all the hard work and stress is done in an office.


Fun-Jobs-You-Can-Do-From-Home, jobs-you-can-do-from-home-with-no-experience

Fun High Paying Jobs You Can Do From Home

 So let's know about what are fun jobs that pay well. People frequently ask what fun jobs make the most money? The simple answer to that question is, every job pay well but you have to have patients. So where to find easy jobs that pay alot of money? Well, we make a job list, check it out. 21 fun jobs that can make you rich and jobs with a lot of free time.

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Average Salary

Graphics Designer Salary



Photographer Salary



Social Media Expert Salary



Writer Salary



Developer Salary


$89.5k per year

Food Critic Salary


$105k per year

Music Therapist Salary


$135k per year

Lighting Designer Salary


$75k per year

Supercar Driving Instructor Salary


$160k per year

Food Scientist Salary


$65k per year

Personal Trainer Salary


$50k per year

Stunt Performer Salary


$60k per year

Homicide Detective


$76k per year

Winemaker Salary


$60k per year

Magician Salary


$53k per year

Dog Walker Salary


$25k per year

Computer Hacker Salary


$100k per year

Airline pilot Salary


$230k per year

Marine Biologist Salary


$68k per year

Toy Designer Salary


$80k per year

Astronaut Salary


$144k per year


Number 21 Graphics Designer: As a graphics designer, you can earn an average of eighteen dollars twenty three cents per hour. Even odd jobs that pay well for teenagers. Jobs may range from customizing graphics for websites and applications. eBook, mock-ups and covers for authors advertisements and infographics for business owners, other digital and printed material. A designer may decide to focus on working digitally or may own a design studio, where he or she can also involve in print. Although prices may vary depending on the job at hand. Generally, graphics design is a lucrative job to start up. This line requires that you have a basic knowledge of design and color theory and adequate skills to use various design software for you to excel in this field you must be open to learn new design patterns as they evolve.


Number 20 – Photographer: Photography is another high-paying self-employed job as a photographer. You may choose to work in the entertainment industry or you may focus and build in your brand. An average photographer earn about $14 45 cents per hour depending on the path they choose. Photography refers to the use of cameras and other photography equipment to capture people, places or events. A self-employed photographer may want to narrow down his specialization to one or more areas. such as, weddings, journalism, nature, food etc. He or she may also choose to work as a freelancer or cover real events. A photographer who knows graphics has an advantage to be exceptional in this field, one has to be skilled at handling standard photography equipment and also been knowledgeable in photo editing and the use of various software.

Number 19 – Social Media Specialist: A social media specialist is required to understand the rudiments of various online tops and platforms. It involves learning and developing different strategies to handle social media platforms. Typically, other brands and influential individuals hire social media specialists. They also provide consulting services on media related issues for organizations. The average social media expert salary per hour are $13.92 chicken off. In this field requires an in-depth knowledge of social media marketing. The use of online tools to drive engagement and also the interpretation of analytics and performance.

Number 18 – Writer: Writing is one of the most rewarding forms of self-employment. Jobs that help people and pay well writers can earn an average of $24 $0.11 per hour. The writer can work either remotely or as a freelancer writing jobs can be either full-time or part-time. Making it possible to get involved in other physically active jobs that pay well right in itself is classified into various categories and each of these categories receives high pays freelance or remote writers. Write articles, books scripts, ad copies and other materials for individuals and organizations. Writers may also carry out research and edit write-ups. Start up as a writer you must have excellent grammar and spelling skills. In addition, you must be able to communicate understandably.

Number 17 - Developer: An individual that uses computer languages to build install tests and maintain software and websites is a developer. The acts of writing computer languages refers to programming or code. In the annual earnings of a developer is an average of eighty nine thousand five hundred and eighty-two cent. Knowledge and expertise in various programming languages make a developer outstanding. Some clients might require the services of a developer, who is skilled at particular computer language hence to excel in the business of software and website development. One must be up to date versatile and ready to learn.


High Paying Fun Jobs

Are you tired of working dogs that are no fun at all? Well, I'm here to tell you that you are not alone. According to a Korn Ferry survey of 5000 professionals, the number one reason people left their jobs is that they were bored. So now you are wondering how in the world do, I find these jobs where are they. Well, I am here to walk you through the top 16 jobs that are fun and pay well too. So let us get right into it and since we are talking about fun, we figured that our job list will be a countdown from fun to most fun.



Number 16 - Food critic: If you love to eat, love to write and love to share your opinion about the yummy food and we should probably let you know that. If you enjoy these foodie related activities then this is the job for you. You get to try new delicious foods and then talk about all the delicious foods you eat. So actually here's my application sign me up too alright the average salary for food critic is around $66,000 a year. Food critics would experience average about 105,000 on the high end of the spectrum though.


Number 15 - Music Therapist Job: A music therapist assesses people’s health and cognitive skills through how they respond to certain types of music. How cool is that sound? They can work in rehab facilities, schools retirement centers and mental health facilities to help people through music therapy. The average salary of  music therapist salary about $50,000 a year. But they can actually go up to $135,000 a year. For music therapist job that have their own practices and the stab liszt clientele.


Number 14 - Lighting Designer: Jobs that make a difference and pay well. Have you ever gone to a concert or event with crazy lightshows or those giant screens and wondered how in the world are those things set up! I know, I have well that was all done by a lighting designer. Lighting designers usually need stage lighting experience whether at a school or in a community theater before they could move up in their careers and move to those cities with the higher paying job opportunities. You know I'm talking like New York and like Miami FL concerts also a huge Pearl. About this job is all the free concerts you get to go to and the celebrities you get to meet that's a pretty big park. if you ask me the average salary for a lighting designer is $46,000 a year but on the high end with time and experience the average is $75,000 a year.


Number 13 - Supercar Driving Instructor: Huh from blogger for all creators what you doing there? Do you love driving cars or crave a good adrenaline rush? Well, maybe becoming a driving instructor is the right career move for you. Driving instructors for super cars like Ferraris, get paid to teach and guide owners on how to push their crazy fast and expensive Italian supercars to the limit and they actually have a lot of fun while doing their jobs.

Driving Instructor Salary

Alright, now I'm going to be honest with everybody information on salaries for this job are extremely hard to track but a former NASCAR driver turned Ferrari instructor stated that he earned up $220,000 per year.



Number 12 – Food Scientist: On the list food scientists food scientists research, new ways to ensure food safety and improve the taste or nutrition of our food. Good job requires some schooling as well as some training but how cool would it be to say that you worked on developing the next new impossible burger. And it's actually a vegan approved burger that is made entirely out of plants. It can even imitate bleeding like a real meat burger. When you cook it as a part time vegetarian, I know I would totally love the next person that comes up with something that good. The food scientist salary is from 42,000 to $104,000 a year and an average salary of $65,000 a year.



Number 11 - Personal Trainer: personal trainer, fitness and working out are your thing and you would rather be at the gym than at the office then this right here is the job that's a perfect fit for you. Although the annual average personal trainer salary is just under $50,000 a year. The sky is the limit with this job take for example, celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels who has a net worth of $18 million how's that for some fitness inspiration huh!



 Number 10 - Stunt Performer: There are some impressive actors like Jackie Chan, that do all their own stunts but most of the crazy stunts in your favorite movies and shows are actually, done by sun performers. So now let's talk about salary for some performer. if you are not well known in this industry you may be making minimum wage salaries but well known high end stunt men and women can make up to $250,000 per year, and they get to kick back and hang out with some celebrities in the process .



Number 9 - Homicide Detective: if you like watching those homicide detective TV shows, and find murder cases interesting, you should consider becoming a homicide detective. Ask for salaries on average they make between 40,000 two $70,000 a year. but this can vary greatly depending on cost of living and location for example, a detective in Florida makes $76,000 a year. while one in Hawaii makes $109,000 a year .



Number 8 - Winemaker: Do you love wine talking about wine taste testing wine and all other things involved with wine? This job actually sounds too good to be true but I promise you it exists and I might actually be applying for it. Although this job doesn't necessarily require any formal education, winemaker should have knowledge of grapes growing regions and local production and marketing regulations. The salary range for a winemaker ranges from 30,000 to $120,000 a year with an average salary of $60,000 a year.



Number 7 Magician: Do you love entertaining people by performing magic tricks and illusions? If so this right here could be your calling OK. So salary-wise this one can mean feast or famine for you depending on where you are in your career and how popular you get but how fun would it be to do magic tricks all day and make millions of dollars. David Blaine has a net worth of $40 million Penn, teller have a net worth of $300 million and David copperfield has a net worth of $1 billion is this even real now. Although this is not the norm And still make a decent living from bringing a magician performing first can earn you 175 to $350.00 an hour all while performing some cool magic tricks and entertaining your guests.


Number 6 Dog Walker: If you love being around dogs and also don't mind getting your exercise in then this may be the job for you. Alright, so let's talk salary while a short 20 minute walk can earn you roughly $15 if there are multiple dogs involved you can make good money of this. I've seen dog walkers with like eight dogs at a time and it honestly looks like a great time. Dog Walker Salary: so uh $15 per dog you can make $120 per walk with eight dogs and if you do that three times a day you can make 360 a day. So this is one of those jobs that goes up and pay the more you put into it. Think about it you walk my dogs you earn more money and you get to spend time with some of your best furry friends.


Number 5 Computer Hacker: Hacker is usually have bad intentions but how cool would it be to legally and ethically hack a system and get paid for doing it. Individuals and companies can hire these professionals to do penetration testing which is basically, checking how vulnerable a company networks or applications are to cyber attacks. And you can make some big time money while doing it the salary range for this one is 73,000 to $130,000 a year with an average of $100,000 a year.



Number 4 - Airline pilot: This job sounds glamorous you get to fly planes and travel to all sorts of different places around the world. But it doesn't come without sacrifices. I'll say, it may involve extensive and costly training multiple days away from home and long hours. So this is one of those jobs that pays based off years of experience. Brand new pilots can make something as low as 27,000 a year but some of the salaries for airline pilots are insane and airline pilot for frontier airlines can make on average $103,000 a year. While a JetBlue pilot makes on average $230,000 a year for a $230,000 a year salary. The sacrifice might just be worth it.


Time For The Top Three Most Fun High Paying jobs On This List


Number 3 - Marine Biologist: Do you love the ocean going to the beach learning about marine animals and plants? Well, marine biologists do justice all while getting paid the salary range for this job can vary depending on the location, the organization you work for and experience level. But, Marine Biologist Salary can expect to make something in the range of 30,000 to 100 or $5000 a year with an average of $68,000 a year.


Number 2 - Toy Designer: Never want to grow up well you can keep feeling like a kid and being around lots of toys! if you get this job from designing toys to creating prototypes to testing the final products this job sounds like a lot of fun. While, the average pay is roughly $80,000 a year with experience that can go up to $100,000.


Number 1 - Astronaut: A year number one astronaut ever dream of being catapulted into space on a rocket and going to the International Space Station to perform research in microgravity. How does becoming an astronaut sound to me this sounds like a blast, which is why I picked this as number one on this list? So this was my favorite job on the list what's your ideal fun dream job? Drop it in the comments below. The starting astronaut salary can be as low as $66,000 a year, which is a bit surprising. but the benefits are awesome from what we hear and the pay can go up to $144,000 a year with experience. 

Choose the best Fun Jobs You Can Do From Home that best for you

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